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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Eyeing carbon footprint reduction, Global Packaging offers recyclable stretch films and more

Integrated packaging solutions and services

Started as a company for consumables, Global Packaging is now a leading provider of end-line packaging solutions. The company is committed to creating a strong brand and benefiting users across the globe through a qualitative product range, an extensive distribution network, ethical business practices, an authentic vendor base, and highly responsive and customized solutions.

Yash Mehta, business development- Automation and Projects, says, “Global Packaging has been an importer, stockist and service provider since 1996. With 25+ years of experience, our company specializes in providing end-line packaging solutions and automation to various food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, chemicals, personal care & beauty, dairy & seafood, wire & cable, and steel industries.”

According to Mehta, the company’s major expertise lies in carton sealing, strapping, taping, and stretch wrapping solutions and manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered tools. Summing up the product portfolio, he says, “Overall, we give complete solution from end-line packaging to cargo securing solutions to our customers which helps them to protect their goods till the last mile.”

Moving towards sustainable packaging

The Global packaging team is trying to move toward sustainable packaging solutions to contribute to a greener planet. Mehta elaborates on these efforts on innovation, “We are trying to innovate stretch film through corn starch which is recyclable and we are still trying for other substitute solutions to reduce the use of plastic in packaging and reduce the carbon footprint for a better environment.”

Mehta informed that the R&D team is also focusing on customizing automation solutions for SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) sector which is growing at a very fast rate. He adds, “There is a need for affordable automation in SMEs which is the key pushing growth factor.”

Participation in PackEx

The Global Packaging team is eagerly waiting to participate in PackEx India in September this year to exhibit their products before a wide range of stakeholders, visitors, and decision-makers of the F&B industry. “We will display our automatic packaging line with case erectors, flap folding carton sealing, and an automatic strapping line. Further on display will be our pallet packing tools and lashing solutions for industries.”

Mehta believes that events like PackEx help them get more insights into the industry. He adds, “It helps us identify trends and connect with our customers, develop new markets and receive feedback from participants.” Valuable feedback from participants helps them understand where their development should be focused on.

For Global Packaging, PackEx would provide a chance to explore the F&B industry. Mehta adds, “We expect PackEx to help us develop new customers. For us, the food industry is very much unexplored. Hence, we would like to test the market and understand trends in the industry.”

Insights into future plans

As per Mehta, Global Packaging’s vision is to create a win-win situation for the stakeholders and provide sustainable and unique packaging solutions to its customers.

Looking into the future, the company plans to venture into full manufacturing of wrapping, carton sealing, and strapping systems. “We want to develop more customized automation packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry and target export markets (Europe and US),” Mehta concludes.

To explore their latest offerings, grab some face time with the Global Packaging team at PackEx India, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022 at Booth number F 102.