Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia


Increase earnings, increase productivity, minimise safety risks, optimise resource management, improve the load of machines and systems:

The food and beverage manufacturers are facing major challenges and have to sort out and control ever increasingly complex processes parallel to each other today. While at the same time dealing with ever shorter product cycles and the increased diversity of variants.

A high degree of efficiency, flexibility and economic efficiency can be achieved and all demands satisfied using innovative automation systems, flexible robots or intelligent image processing systems. New technologies save time and spare the employees repetitive tasks, the time can be invested in more important tasks, this in turn increases the competitiveness.

The manufacturers of food and beverages can find everything to do with the automation of the production at ANUTEC – International FoodTec India - all in one.


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Project Director
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