The food and beverage industry is characterised by a high cost sensitivity and mass production, whilst innovative packing and a growing variety of tastes as well as increasing consumer expectations are determining the market more and more. The digitalisation offers the food and beverage industry many new opportunities to fulfil these demands and the customer's requirements and to individualise products.

Digital technologies offer optimised processes and a higher product efficiency across the entire value chain. The processes and workflows can be optimally aligned. This creates a constant high product quality, more sustainability and a more flexible work organisation. Competitive advantages that also drive the food and beverage industry.

Whether the IoT as a source of ideas, 3D printers for individual products, ERP systems for controlling business processes, virtual reality as a computer-generated reality with images, IT safety for the protection of the entire production plant, artificial intelligence for mechanical learning, blockchain solutions for traceability, big data for the processing and evaluation of huge volumes of data...

...ANUTEC – International FoodTec India provides the answers and demonstrates how the digital transformation of the SMEs and multinationals can be designed in concrete form and how the processes can be interlinked.


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