Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Prasanna Packaging displayed its packaging solutions at PackEx

The company envisions and anticipates tomorrow’s trends today and acts proactively to cope with them


Esteemed clients choose Prasanna Packaging as a preferred packaging partner because they truly understand the finer aspects of this process. Robust Solidity, Stringent Quality, Lasting Durability, and Cost-Effective Productivity are the inherent key attributes of every Prasanna Packaging masterpiece.

While talking about the company, Sanjiv Sarnaik, managing director Prasanna Packaging, said, "With an inspiring track record in Dairy, Food, and other industries, we are now aiming at creating fabulous footprints in FMCG & Pharmaceutical sectors. We believe in consistently & painstakingly perfecting our manufacturing model and growing everyday. With a refined vision of transcending contemporary standards and obvious solutions, we dare to innovate and introduce exemplary products that reflect the packaging industry's future. Our journey together as partners will certainly take us places."

Prasanna Packaging has been consistently making progress and reaching a respectable position within a short period because of the company's vision. While they are perfectly keeping pace with today's needs, the future is not out of our sight. The company envisions and anticipates tomorrow's trends and proactively copes with them.

R&D and innovations

Sarnaik informed, "Our ever-evolving product portfolio is a wide range of automatic & semiautomatic machines that can flawlessly fill Dairy, Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and other liquid or viscous products in containers like Cups, Bottles, Tins, Cans, Jars, or any other customized container and seal them with accuracy. Top-of-the-line Cartoning Machines are also our specialization. These machines can insert & close Bottles, Blisters, Tubs, Packets, Puttis, etc. in mono cartons."

Prasanna Packaging has been installing advanced Packaging & Cartoning solutions for renowned category leaders from India and exporting its products abroad in Africa, Europe, South East Asia & America. They undertake Turnkey projects for Dairy, FMCG, and Pharma companies and work holistically from concept to commission.

At PackEx

Sarnaik shared, "At PackEx, we are exhibiting 6 set jam filling machines, cartoning machines, and so on. We offer machines to fill and seal Cups, Tins, Matka, Bottles, pouches, and much more, but it was hard for us to display all our machines here at the event. So, we are displaying some of our best machines at the event."

He added, "We got an excellent footfall at this event. People here are not coming just to have fun but have the focus to interact and gain knowledge about the showcased machines, which is good. We also received good inquiries here in the event, about which we are delighted. Good customers are coming in, and we can call it a good show for us."

Sarnaik said, "The customers should see what kind of machines we make because seeing the machines on a video and practically seeing it makes a lot of difference and there are various things they can discuss like their requirements, expectations, etc. Interaction can be quite good."

The company's machines are relatably maintenance-free. Prasanna machines are known to work for more than 20 years. This is the way they build very steady machines.