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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Bry-Air showcases compact desiccant dehumidifier at ANUTEC India 2022

Lightweight, cost-effective and compact solution

Bry-Air is a leading global dehumidification solution provider. The services are sought across various industries related to quality air requirements, be it humidity control, moisture removal, gas phase filtration systems, plastic drying and conveying solutions, high-temperature waste heat recovery, and adsorption cooling. The Bry-Air Dry Room solutions are also critically required for lithium battery production. Pahwa Group has over five decades of experience in applications, manufacturing, engineering, and R&D in dehumidification and environment control solutions, making it the world's fastest-growing adsorption technology group. The company has subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria, and Switzerland and an associate plant in the USA. 

Talking about the company Sushil Teotia, assistant vice president, Bry-Air, said, "We have installations in over 85 countries with applications in almost every industry. We touch upon people's life round the clock with the help of robust sales and service networks worldwide. The manufacturing space is spread across a total of 750 thousand square feet. Along with this, Bry-Air, under the leadership of Deepak Pahwa, has a presence on six continents and has thirteen manufacturing units in India. To exercise deeper penetration, we have come up with state-of-art manufacturing units in Manesar and Bhiwadi." 

R&D and innovation

‘Innovation is Life' philosophy is at the heart of Bry-Air. Teotia stated, “We have a full-fledged R&D center recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. We unequivocally focus on R&D to stay ahead of the curve by collaborating with scientists, global research institutes, test labs, and universities. At Bry-Air, we continuously strive to bring thought leadership and innovation together to create a world-class solution for our customers in India and globally." 

He added, "It is with the help of a highly efficient R&D team that Pahwa Group delivers advanced technological solutions at low cost coupled with high throughput within limited resources aimed at increasing the productivity of the customers. Under Industry 4.0, the company adopts new-age technologies with alacrity to always curate competitive solutions for the ever-evolving industries. Together with the help of the R&D team, Bry-Air brings about the integration of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), remote control access, and automated control systems to transform the HVAC&R and Dehumidification equipment." 

F&B trends and disruptions 

Talking about the F&B industry in consideration of the recent disruptions and trends Teotia said, "The F&B industry has a lot of potentials. India has one of the largest food processing industries in the world and is expanding at a CAGR of 11%. The Indian players are taking center stage as global providers and are expanding the export of food products. It is also estimated that household consumption will triple by 2030, which will reposition the country as the fifth-largest consumer in the world. All the factors together will lead to the rising demand for quality food products with nutrition, taste, convenience, and value. To meet consumers' demand, dehumidification technology will be the most sought-after solution to control the moisture menace in the f&b industry." 


Teotia shared, "At ANUTEC, we will be exhibiting Compact Desiccant Dehumidifier, which is suitable for small areas needing moisture control solutions. The 'Little Giants of Industrial Dehumidification' integrates a commercial unit's 'small footprint and finish' with 'the ruggedness' of an industrial dehumidifier. It is truly a compact solution to the massive problems which is also lightweight and cost-effective." 

He also informed, "Through the panel messaging, we have depicted the varied applications of dehumidification across the food industry, some of our esteemed food customers worldwide and the entire range of dehumidifiers for the food industry, including energy efficient dehumidifiers, engineered dehumidifiers, compact dehumidifiers and the tray dryers. We also are communicating the benefits of quality air solutions ideal for food processing, drying, storage and packaging." 

According to him, platforms like ANUTEC allow us to familiarize the audience with the importance of dehumidification technology in the food industry. “Through the event we elaborate on the various threats moisture poses to the food industry and make them understand the need to adopt humidity control solutions to produce high-quality food and ensure customers' safety.”  

Commenting on their expectation from the trade show Teotia said, "Bry-Air has always been an active participant in exhibitions worldwide. Trade shows like ANNUTEC allow us to establish comprehensive engagement directly with the players in the food industry. The interactions play a crucial role in lead generation and driving a good footfall, delving into the platform's ease of networking. The event will help us meet a good audience under the roof of a single platform." 

The road ahead

While talking about the vision and plans of Bry-Air, Teotia mentioned, "Considering that Industry 4.0 is the way ahead, we will keep innovating and coming up with advanced solutions that will increase productivity at a low cost, have higher throughput within limited resources, and reach economies of scale." 

Meet the Bry-Air team at Hall No. 01, Booth No. G 74 till 16 September 2022 in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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