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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Innovation-led & customer-focused Vedic Pac-Systems displays a range of innovative food products at ANUTEC India 2022

Trusted and established name for delivering the finest and premium quality solutions for the food and pharma industries

Vedic Pac-Systems claims to represent the world's leading companies in India and South Asia, bringing their expertise and technology to the advantage of food and pharma manufacturers along with its experienced team of service engineers and a dedicated spares division.

Giving his insights into the company, Nirav Sampat, managing director, Vedic Pac Systems, says, "Vedic Pac Systems was established as a partnership firm in 1978. Subsequently, it was made into a private limited company in 1999. Our strength is in the food & pharma industry, with some activity in non-food industries as well. We partner with European companies (most of them from Germany) with a strong product portfolio."

He added that Vedic Pac is an Integrated Services Company, starting with marketing, inquiry generation, project conceptualization, local manufacturing, installation (and commissioning in specific projects), and after-sales service/AMCs, among others. The company claims its core equipment is "Made in Germany" with its 19 engineers "Trained in Germany".

Constant upgradation of skill sets

According to Sampat, the Vedic Pac team constantly upgrades its skill sets in terms of technical services. The engineers work closely with their German/European counterparts to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. He proudly adds, "We are now building the SCADA controls locally for some of our principals/partners such as AZO, AMIXON & OKA. Moreover, our service team is also authorized to make software changes in the process philosophy. This dramatically cuts the response time & costs for the user."

Automation of plant operations to rise above disruptions

Sampat believes that disruptions have been positive for Vedic Pac because the F & B industry was compelled to automate plant operations. He elaborates, "Manufacturing units dependent on manual processes got severely impacted, while those that had invested in automation (Industry 4.0) remained largely unscathed. We see the need for automation increasing in the days to come, also from the food safety standpoint."

At ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022

The Vedic Pac team is participating in ANUTEC, an event that brings various food industry stalwarts and newbies under one roof. It facilitates the exchange of ideas and demonstration of products and allows companies to gain potential partners and customers.

Sampat comments on how the trade show helps them achieve their business goals, "It allows us to meet new users & strengthen our association with our existing ones. It also allows our principals/partners to travel to this part of the world & get a sense of the market trends, economic activity, and more. Moreover, our European partners generally bring product samples of "innovative" concepts prevailing in the developed markets. These could also be the point of discussion for Indian companies."

Vedic Pac is displaying an AZO rotary screener, an AMIXON vertical shaft mixer, a metal detector from LOMA & a range of innovative food products at the event. Sampat also shared that the company is having a live "counter" at its stand by showing a machine making some "delectable" products.

Expressing his expectations from the event, he remarks, "We expect to build on the already strong growth in the industry and meet Indian companies and present to them the latest technology & product ideas."

The path ahead

Vedic Pac has the vision to be a preferred supplier to the Indian food and healthcare industry of premium quality solutions and to be a vital link trusted by its principals and customers.

"We see robust growth in this region as supply chain activity moves to India. This would also have a major economic boost to the FMCG sector. As a company, we have added to our team strength over the past 12 months to meet the new opportunities," Sampat signs off.

Headquartered in Pune, Vedic Pac-Systems has a pan-India presence through its network of offices and representatives in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, and Valsad.

Head over to Booth No. J 59 and grab some meaningful face time with the Vedic Pac team and have a look at their products from 14 to 16 September 2022 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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