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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

ValueLinks - A one-stop shop for advanced global process equipment & packaging machines

Offers primary, secondary & tertiary packaging machines

With over 61 years of dedicated pharmaceutical expertise, ValueLinks - an ACG Group company, is known as a progressive and diversified group of companies engaged in providing end-to-end solutions to the Pharmaceuticals, Bio – Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Cosmetics & allied industries.

ValueLinks was established to provide a one-stop shop to pharmaceutical and consumer product manufacturers for process equipment and packaging machines. The company provides access to various international suppliers of Packaging and Processing equipment. Further, its carefully selected partners provide the latest high-quality products that enable you to access the most advanced global technologies.

According to Prafulla Ashok Sawant, product manager, ACG ValueLinks, the company provides technical input, spare parts, and repairs. ValueLinks offers best-in-class local service and customer support for all its global brands, including:

  • Autopack (Thailand/Australia) - Shrink machinery you can count on
  • Zuccini (Italy) - Secondary packaging, designed in Italy
  • BHI (China) - Intelligent inspection, end-to-end
  • Solpac (South Korea) - The toughest packaging machinery

Expertise in flexible packaging

ValueLinks supports primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging industries. The company has expertise in flexible packaging, giving them a large audience from pharma and the FMCG sector. He says, "We are the preferred supplier of secondary packaging based on machine operation and maintenance. We have successfully run machines for over ten years, especially in the aforementioned sectors, such as sugar-free packaging in our Solpac, Korea machine."

Sawant proudly informs, "Autopack and AVL have installed over 700+ machines in India with 0% breakdown. Zucchini is a newly introduced product range for tertiary packaging."

Recovering from the pandemic and its after-effects

Speaking about the challenging times and the current scenario, Sawant adds, "The markets have opened up and customers have started discussing projects and requirements keeping in mind the impact of COVID. The manufacturers are working on how the product can be packed safely without any physical contact, for supplying to local and global markets."

According to him, customers also focus on enhancing their production capabilities with minimal manpower usage.

At PackEx 2022

The ACG ValueLinks team is eagerly waiting to participate in PackEx, India's most awaited trade show from 14 to 16 September at BEC Mumbai. Sawant is very optimistic about the show and shares, "I believe the event will help us to address a large audience under one roof. We expect to connect with industry leaders to understand their vision with ours."

Regarding the products to be displayed at PackEx, Sawant reveals, "At PackEx, we will be showcasing different product offerings. We will showcase final products and capabilities for handling complex projects. We are looking forward to welcoming challenging opportunities for specialized packaging needs. Machines we support for the F&B segment include Solpac Korea for flexible packaging, Autopack Thailand for secondary packaging, Inspection equipment from BHI China, and End of line solution from Zucchini Italy."

A three-pronged strategy for the future

Working towards the future and having a plan of action is essential for the manufacturers. Elaborating on this, Sawant told us that ACG ValueLinks follows a three-pronged strategy which includes:

  • Focus on understanding the purpose of innovating packaging in India
  • To be preferred customers and help its clients grow
  • Take every opportunity that comes their way because every learning brings a new experience

"We will always continue to support our customers with cost-effective and reliable solutions," he concludes.

ACG Value Links looks forward to welcoming its customers and business partners to visit them at Booth No. J 66 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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