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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Russell Finex, a global sieving & filtration specialist since 1934

The company offers a wide range of sieving and filtration equipment to over 140 countries

Established in 1934, Russell Finex has enjoyed 85 steady years of successful growth to become an international group employing over 250 direct employees with annual sales exceeding £40 million ($54m).

Sharing information about the company, Kumar Saurabh, marketing manager, Russell Finex says, “We work closely with manufacturers in the industry to make sure their rapidly evolving needs are met. Russell Finex has a range of solutions to help food manufacturers improve their processing lines and achieve increased product quality.

Striving for maximized output with no hindrance

Russell strives to meet the niche requirements of their clients with dedicated attention and care. “At every stage of the plant, we have installed state-of-the-art equipment to customize our products, so that it can maximize output with no hindrance or downtime in the process,” he adds.

The need for companies to scale up their operations

According to a survey, the Indian processed food industry is expected to grow by more than $200 billion in the next five years. Saurabh comments, “In recent years, the Indian food & beverages industry has undergone a massive change. Boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the industry being affected by lockdown measures the rise in consumer demand for fast and affordable processed products has led to the need for companies to scale up their operations.”

He added that this has included automated machines and processes in its production lines.

At ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022

Expressing his views on ANUTEC, India's largest international fair for food and drink technology to be held in September 2022, Saurabh says, “ANUTEC provides a platform for companies to participate and showcase their latest developments in their respective sectors. It is a great platform for us to connect with new customers, keep in touch with existing ones and showcase our innovative range of sieving & filtration solutions.”

Informing everyone about the products to be displayed at the event, he says, “This year Russell Finex will be present at the event with our innovative range of sieving and separation solutions for the food and beverages industry. On display, we will have the Russell Compact Sieve, Finex Ultima, Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter, and Vibrasonic Deblinding System.

He is optimistic about attending the event and says, “The show has been very productive so far as it attracts key people across India from the food & allied products industry and is considered the most important for food powder processing. We are expecting the same value ad from this show as earlier.”

Stepping towards the future

Saurabh shared that in the future, Russell Finex plans to inaugurate new sales centers at a pan-India level. To attain the same, the firm is already working to build a robust sales team.

He further says, “Russell also wants to upgrade its manufacturing facilities at Vadodara and Bangalore with the latest state-of-the-art machinery to continue delivering world-class products and services to its clients.”

To experience the live demonstration of their products and have a fruitful back and forth with the team, visit Booth No. H 78 at the BEC, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September, 2022.

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