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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Netzsch Pumps & Systems - A global specialist in complex fluid management

Providing a wide range of pumps for all business segments which involve transferring complex fluids

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems India, a subsidiary of Netzsch Pumps & Systems, Germany, are the leading manufacturer of Rotary Positive Displacement Pump and are based in Goa, with its engineering, manufacturing, and service support for all customers in India and the subcontinent.

Describing the company’s vast product range, Vivek Norman, managing director, Netzsch says, “Our range includes NEMO Progressing Cavity Pumps, TORNADO Rotary Lobe Pumps, NOTOS Multi Screw Pumps, PERIPRO Peristaltic Hose Pumps for various applications in all business segments which involve transferring complex fluids. In particular to the food industry, we offer our sanitary and hygienic product range from each of our portfolio, that assures in relevant process stages a hygienic and smooth conveyance of high quality, viscous and shear-sensitive media.”

Focus on innovation for fulfilling customer’s future needs

According to Norman, the company’s development drive is based on staying at the forefront of the customer’s future needs. He adds, “We continue to look at highly energy-efficient products for our customers and elevate the offering with lower life cycle costs as well. Our pioneering fluid management solutions vision is the driver on which our innovation direction rests.”

Recent trends and disruptions in the F&B industry

The F&B industry experiences various trends from time to time and manufacturers try their best to survive during tough times. Norman comments, “The disruption due to the pandemic of recent times and the global geo-political trends poses the obvious challenge of providing nutritious food supply on a cost-effective means on a consistent basis around the world. The focus of the food industry will also be to ensure that the cost and quality are at their best and that efficient supply chains meet the growing and diverse needs.”

At ANUTEC-International FoodTec India 2022

Norman believes that at events like ANUTEC, relationships are strengthened, and new partnerships are made to upscale the business by providing the right solutions to the requirements of the food industry. He remarks, “The platforms like ANUTEC bring together OEMs, suppliers, and buyers to exchange new developments, happenings and connect to the right contacts. We expect ANUTEC to bring us in closer contact with several new users who are searching for robust equipment for their processes.”

The Netzsch team is eager to take the chance to present its high-quality products and engage in good and fruitful dialogue on the technology used.

At the event, Netzsch will display the complete Netzsch hygienic product range designed and manufactured according to various food regulations like 3-A sanitary and EHEDG standards which ensures pulsation-free and optimum feed of high viscous media avoiding settling of residues.

Describing their features, Norman says, “These pumps are oil-free & have perfectly smoothened rotating parts to avoid any dead space and are ideal for food processing industries with cleaning by the same pump without the need for an auxiliary cleaning system. The elastomers used in the pump are FDA-certified, manufactured innovatively offering additional temperature resistance and extending the service life, and reducing maintenance costs.”

Looking ahead

According to Norman, Netzsch focuses on accelerating technologies and creating new ways of business for the benefit of its customers. Explaining the company’s vision for the future, he says, “Netzsch’s vision is to become the preferred provider of expertise, products, and services for handling complex fluids. In the next 5 years, we want to position ourselves as a global partner for complex fluid handling. Our customers choose us for our unmatched, highly efficient, proven solutions which ensure peace of mind for them in their processing units.”

Meet the NETZSCH Pumps & Systems India experts at Booth no. B84 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022 to learn more about its products and offerings.

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