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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Focusing on contaminant detection, Sesotec offers product inspection systems on an industrial scale

Explore a wide range of intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting, and more

Sesotec is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of metal detectors, metal separators, x-ray product inspection systems, and various sorters for the food, pharma & plastic industry. Founded in 1976 as S+S electronic KG, its knowledge and product portfolio have continuously grown over the years. Subsidiaries and affiliate companies arose all over the world.

Sesotec India is a 100% subsidiary of Sesotec GmbH and has made more than 2000 installations in India fulfilling customers’ expectations. It offers intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting, and analysis to help customers design safe, efficient, and compliant production processes.

Describing the company’s experience in the field, Makarand Mandke, managing director, Sesotec India says, “Sesotec has more than 40 years of experience in sorting technology which works continuously without compromising on accuracy and reliability. They are specifically designed to satisfy the stringent demands of food and plastics. In addition, Sesotec metal detectors provide a complete record of quality data for your production process and traceability.”

He believes that the company’s actions, developments, and services help its customers make a difference. He further adds, “When profitability and socioecological sustainability go hand in hand, it is possible to generate qualitative growth and competitive advantages for our customers.”

Contaminant detection on an industrial scale

Sesotec has been pursuing the above-mentioned focus for decades. Talking about their products, Mandke says, “Using various detection technologies, our metal detection systems and X-ray scanners can detect and automatically remove contaminants and products that do not meet strict quality standards. What is more, they do so efficiently and reliably. The machines are easy to operate and meet all requirements concerning traceability and the complete documentation of quality-related data.”

Continuous innovation and improvement

Mandke informed that Sesotec invests around 10% of its revenue on R&D every year and focuses on delivering upgraded and latest technological advanced machines to its customers. He explains, “We see innovation as our duty and welcome changes as means of continuous improvement. With sophisticated technologies and process solutions, we continuously give customers new reasons to prefer us as a reliable partner in supplying.”

Focus on industry trends and food safety

Today’s consumer is aware of the importance of hygiene and expects safe, high-quality food from manufacturers. Commenting on this trend, Mandke says, “One key factor is the detection and removal of metals, contaminants, and quality issues – the very tasks our systems are designed to handle. Contamination resulting from impurities during production can never be entirely ruled out. Machine wear and personal items belonging to staff are just two possible sources.”

He added that as the global demand for food rises, so do the responsibilities of the food industry. Safe and efficient food production practices are crucial to the health of both humanity and the planet. He adds confidently, “Our intelligent technologies and services help food industry companies profitably manufacture safe products and reduce food waste.”

At ANUTEC-International FoodTec India 2022

Elated to be a part of the upcoming trade show ANUTEC in September, Mandke says, “ANUTEC gives a platform to each and every machine manufacturer to showcase their machines and the possible solutions that they can offer for the challenges faced by the food sector. Many food manufacturers visit ANUTEC to get an idea of the latest technology that is available in the market.”

At the event, Sesotec will offer visitors a glimpse into its latest machines, namely metal detectors, metal separators, x-ray product inspection systems, and magnetic systems with new features.

Regarding their expectations from ANUTEC, he says, “Now since we are emerging out of the pandemic situation, we expect maximum footfall as compared to last year.” He believes that the event will maximize their opportunity to interact with the existing and new customers and get an update on their requirements. The team wishes to connect Sesotec technology with customers to fulfill their needs.

The vision and goal

Mandke believes that reconciling sustainability with profit is both a challenge and a strategy. He says, “We build off of innovation and quality, partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, competence, and efficiency. Our vision is for Sesotec to be recognized as the world’s preferred provider of products and services in the field of product inspection, sorting as well as in recycling applications. We seek to realize this vision by delivering solutions that drive value and sustainable profitability, all the while enhancing the motivation and skillsets of our employees.”

Sesotec’s goal is to achieve sustainable growth in all business areas by conducting partnerships at eye level. Mandke believes that this is the basis for securing the company’s future and fulfilling its corporate purpose.

In addition to its German headquarters, Sesotec is represented by a total of six subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, India, Canada, and Thailand, and has over 60 sales partners in all major global markets.

Catch the Sesotec team in action at Booth no. F 84 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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