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Premier Tech Systems & Automation India to introduce a Robotic Palletizer Solution

Palletize up to 30 bags per minute with the robot palletizer for bags

Established in 1989, Premier Tech (PT) started with the aim to fulfil the need for automation at Tourbières Premier (now Premier Tech Horticulture, PT’s sister company). PT started as the company’s engineering department, manufacturing equipment to support internal technological needs. The company is now an international leader in the field of industrial flexible and rigid packaging equipment.

Its wide product portfolio includes solutions such as bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, case packing machines, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, conveyors, and more. PT also offers bulk processing solutions as well as peat moss field equipment, including screening systems, mixing lines, harrows, and vacuum harvesters, among others.

Acquisitions for growth over the years

Acquisitions have been Premier Tech’s dominant growth factor over the past 25 years. Throughout the years, Premier Tech has made several acquisitions to broaden its product portfolio and now provides all customers with a comprehensive range of innovative and adapted technologies. Along with multiple innovations developed within the last decade, these strategic acquisitions have helped Premier Tech to be recognized worldwide as a leader in its fields of expertise. Premier Tech offers complete after-sales service and original parts for these acquired brands.

The 14 acquisitions Premier Tech has made in less than 20 years fall within one of the company’s strategic initiatives. These include W.G. Durant in 1999, Richard Simon in 2002, Les Machineries Verville in 2006, and Almeida Martins in 2015 among others.

Execution. Innovation. Agility

Premier Tech team strives to evolve daily in diligence and excellence while respecting the environment’s imperatives. Proposing new ideas, creating innovative concepts, encouraging difference, and making room for change and openness in order to help the company move forward is the team’s way of working. The company advocates knowing how to adjust rapidly, evolving with flexibility within a moving environment, and responding to change effectively.

Introducing a Robotic Palletizer Solution at PackEx 2022

Premier Tech is excited to take part in the upcoming trade show PackEx in September 2022 and will be unveiling the robotic palletizer at the event. Talking about the company’s latest offering, Yogesh Malani, managing director, Premier Tech Systems & Automation India says, “The RPL SERIES robotic palletizers are the most efficient robotic cells for virtually any palletizing needs. We have combined our innovative engineering and control capabilities with our leading-edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for a diverse range of palletizing applications.”

He added that the in-house manufactured gripper allows the RPL SERIES to satisfy the many different palletization requirements of modern packaging installations. The robots can palletize up to 1,800 bags per hour in multi-pick-up configurations.

“Keeping in mind our vision of providing a strong local presence, the localization of this equipment would enhance our capabilities to serve our customers better. The goal is to ensure that the said localization has direct benefits for our customers in terms of lower lead time for equipment and service,” says Malani.

Elaborating the features of the RPL series robotic palletizers, he says, “The heavy-duty robotic cell can simultaneously gather bags, bales, or containers from many different incoming product lines. It can also be configured to fit in confined spaces to palletize incoming products. The system is characterized by its wide flexibility of use and low maintenance requirements.” Its main benefits include

Versatility- Fully customizable equipment to fit unique needs. Can run many types of different products.

Reliability- Has been through many improvements and development over the years. Tested and approved by the market.

Usability- Ease of configuration and maneuverability. From bags to boxes, the operator will not notice any waste of time.

He informed that the robotic palletizer is compatible with all the common standard industrial pallets and can handle boxes, bundles, cases, cans, drums, trays, bags, and bales, among others. All the equipment is PLC controlled with user-friendly human-machine interfaces.

Teamwork and vision drive Premier Tech

Premier Tech believes in conceiving new approaches, and new methods, and perceiving today what tomorrow will be made of to meet the market’s demands better. It means imagining a new world in order to achieve it. Combining the strengths and passions of team members, with one goal in mind is what the company fosters.

Grab some face time with the Premier Tech team at booth no. K 100 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from 14 to 16 September, 2022 to know more about their latest launch to be displayed for the first time at PackEx.

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