ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Flexibility, modular solutions, and highly accurate machines are our USP - Serac Packaging Solution

For Serac Packaging Solution, innovation is the key to creating value, inseparable from business development and growth

Established over 50 years ago, Serac group has gained expertise in designing and manufacturing packaging machines for dairy products in bottles or cups. Serac group deals in designing, assembling, and providing packaging solutions to industrial companies and end users, mainly dairy products, edible oil, and home and personal care products.

Serac has been the leading manufacturer of rigid packaging for dairy products since 1969. The company manufactures highly precise and accurate rotary net weight filling machines. With its corporate head office in Pune, Serac Packaging Solution is a 100% subsidiary of Serac Malaysia.

Staying relevant in the fast-changing market

“Serac group allocates a substantial amount for R&D and innovation, which helps us stay relevant in the fast-changing market needs,” says Deepak Kamat, managing director, Serac Packaging Solution. According to him, the company’s USP is flexible, modular solutions and highly accurate machines, which are the by-products of R&D and innovation at Serac.

Serac manufactures a highly hygienic filler-capper monoblock along with Combox, a blow-fill-cap triblock, especially focussing on innovative bottle designs in PET for customers whose products demand a premium for hygiene they maintain. These solutions are primarily for the dairy segment, in addition to ESL and aseptic solutions that offer both dry and wet bottle decontamination.

Trends in the food industry

Kamat thinks that the F&B as an industry only grew with the disruptions and will only continue to do so. Talking about India and the industry’s future, he says, “We are moving more towards a hygienic lifestyle and hence products with attractive packaging and formulations are the cynosure of all eyes. Serac here would have its role to play as our equipment can handle various packaging formats. Considering the per capita income increasing significantly, we expect the GDP to grow at 6.5-7% consistently and F&B as a whole would contribute a major share.”

Feeling optimistic about the future of F&B, he says, “We can expect this industry to grow at 10% plus CAGR in the next three financial years. With India expected to be a 5 trillion USD economy by 2025-26, things look pretty encouraging.”

Serac at PackEx

Commenting on their upcoming participation in PackEx India, Kamat says, “Serac’s strategy is to differentiate ourselves from competitors by taking advantage of what makes us shine: a unique model, structured around a highly international commercial and industrial presence in all markets.”

The ESL Combox developed at Serac is a single-block packaging unit that combines three functions:

  • High-precision stretch blow moulding of PET and RPET bottles,
  • Net weight filling, a specialty of Serac for more than 50 years,
  • Capping.

Speaking about its functioning, he says, “The particularity of this unit is that packaging decontamination is carried out using the pulsed light technology, which requires no water and no chemicals. The main benefit of ESL Combox is that it enables dairy manufacturers to strengthen their commitment to sustainability with a process where the environmental footprint has been optimized and to offer a longer shelf life to consumers through 3-log decontamination.”

The ESL Combox offers key features like

  • High flexibility: bottles ranging from 250 ml to 2 liters can be produced on the same unit, with very short changeover times.
  • Enables easy operation by a single person
  • Saves up to 25% of space compared to conventional filling lines.

Speaking about the event, Kamat informs, “ANUTEC has always been a show we look forward to considering the relevant footfalls in food and beverages, which is our forte, especially the dairy industry. We look forward to meeting the decision-makers who make it a point to visit this show.”

Serac will share more information about ESL Combox at the event and expects to raise brand and product awareness and gain recognition as the pioneer of primary packaging in the dairy industry. Kamat says, “It’s a great time for us to catch up and connect with our clients and partners. We expect that with the organizer’s help, we will be able to create networking with the industry association and its members.”

Inviting visitors to PackEx, Kamat says, “We invite you to explore the possibilities of how we can work together for your future projects where our expertise would help add value to your supply chain by providing you with the most optimum solutions. We are not selling but helping our customers to buy.”

Serac looks forward to welcoming its customers and business partners to visit them at Booth no. G70 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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