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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Discover MAP technology for Indian dairy, sweets and more at Message Food Services

Manufacturer of seasoning mix, food additives, and packaging solutions for dairy and bakery products , namkeen, sweets, and snacks

Message Group has been working in the Indian food industry since 2005 and claims to be the first to introduce preservation & packaging concepts for lots of Indian food segments including dairy, sweets, bakery, hotels & restaurants. It also manufactures seasoning and spices for potato chips, namkeen, and other snacks. The turnkey projects offered by the company include total management from logo design to product creation with brand promotion.

Elaborating on the products and services offered by the company, Khyati Padiya chief technology officer, Message Food Services says, “We supply tomato seasoning for tomato chips to Haldiram Delhi and also work to provide products to Cavin Care, ITC, Star Group, and a lot more. We have developed the shelf life of all kinds of Indian meals and food products for up to 3 months in chilled conditions without any common challenges.”

Some of the technologies offered by the company include modified atmospheric packaging technology, retort technology, frozen technology, preservation technology, tetra pack packaging technology, pasteurization technology, thermal processing technology, multi-layer, and active barrier, packaging technology, gamma radiation technology, food irradiation technology among others.

Focusing on R&D to solve challenges

Padiya said that frozen foods have multiple challenges like reduced salt content, thawing issues, loss of aroma and change in color and texture, and a host of other issues due to changes in storage temperature. To deal with these challenges, Message Food Services has developed a revolutionary AutoMap, Chilled MAP & Porosity Frozen Technology for all kinds of Indian foods. She adds, “We design the world's best MAP Technology. We have introduced the world's first-ever packaging machine with an inbuilt gas analyzer and gas mixer.”

She said that Message MT10 developed by the company is an advanced MAP tray sealer machine made with European standards with double production speed as compared to other tabletop machines available in the market. It is an ideal model for all the sectors where modification of atmospheric conditions is required like ethnic sweets, dairy products, ready-to-eat food, bakery products, and more. The product keeps away fungus and dryness and prevents oxidation to keep the food fresh and wholesome.

Padiya proudly says, “Presently, Message Group is the only company dealing in AutoMap, MIP (Modified Ingredient Processing Technology), MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging Technology), Chilled MAP, Retort Technology, MAP – Retort Technology, Porosity Frozen, and Self Heating Technology. Out of these 8 Technologies, 4 were researched and developed by Message Food Services with 1 patent.”


Message Food Services will be participating in the upcoming trade show ANUTEC to be held in September 2022. The company will be exhibiting Message Additives (Mithai Pro), Miss Me! (seasoning and premix) and Message MT10A machine (MAP Machine) at the event.

Excited to be a part of the event that is one of the most awaited among food businesses across India, Padiya hopes to make new connections and meet potential clients while giving something new to the industry.

The road ahead

Message group has two upcoming technologies they are focusing on. These are AutoMap and Porosity Frozen. These products aim to solve the issues affecting frozen Indian foods to provide high-quality products to consumers. Holding a future vision to reduce food waste by using preservation technology and increasing the shelf life of products, Message Food Services urges everyone to “think positive” in face of any adversity.

Meet the Message Food Services team and explore their latest technologies at booth number L77 at BEC, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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