Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Testo India to exhibit its wide range of measuring & testing instruments at ANUTEC

Established in 2006, Testo India is a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co KGaA, a world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of portable electronic test and measuring instruments and is backed by 60 years of measurement engineering experience.

Speaking about the company Balaji Giri, KAM – Food Division, Testo India, shares, “We provide the best-suited product for VACR consultants, contractors, advisors, building surveyors and for segments like Refrigeration, Cold chains, Power, Steel, railways, food, pharma and many more. Our products are of great utility, starting from those who work in precision and comfort level monitoring in large working areas to those who are engaged in data monitoring of parameters in cold storage. Our all-rounder instruments impress with smart technology, fast readiness, and convenient application.”

Innovative products and German technology

Testo India has grown exponentially so far, and the prime reason is its innovative products and German technology. Giri explains, “Our manufacturing unit is in Germany, where a great share is invested for R&D purposes to produce premium quality products. We analyze the application areas, the requirements of customers& difficulties in the measurement process and accordingly come up with intuitive products. This gives us an additional advantage to pitch our products, which are not only cost-effective but also very relevant.”

He adds, “In the recent years to come, we are confident of maintaining our legacy with very focused R&D and of ensuring the latest technology and continuous service in the market; we plan to launch several new products & extend our arms to all possible regions, industries, and applications. We now provide a complete solution, from hardware to sensors to software, for the food industry and work to improve continually. We intend to offer relevant, precise, easy-to-use solutions and support environmental health, air quality, power optimization, and human comfort. We feel that our technologically advanced products & efficient R&D will surely benefit the users.”

Testo India at ANUTEC

At ANUTEC – International FoodTec India from 14 to 16 September at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, Testo India will offer a wide range of products, especially for the food industry, for measurement during the entire cold chain, storage or transport of foods and food preparation as well.

Giri shares, “Our testo 270 cooking oil tester shows the TPM value of the cooking oil and determines the quality of the oil to ensure good health of the consumers and avoid oil wastage. Penetration thermometers (with fixed or exchangeable probes) would be available for the measurement of core temperature & IR thermometers for the measurement of the surface temperature of food material. Then we have data loggers for continuous monitoring of temperature & relative humidity of food materials in warehouses & cold stores etc. Transport data loggers to record the data during the transit of food material and ensure quality. Additionally, we have pH Meters to measure the pH value and temperature of liquids & semi-solid media safely and reliably.”

Testo India also provides its latest digital food safety solution dedicated to automated quality management for restaurant chains & QSRs.

Talking about their participation in ANUTEC, Giri says, “Testo India is participating in ANUTEC to meet co-exhibitors and its existing and prospective clients. (spokesperson) shared, “Events like ANUTEC give us the right platform to present our advanced solutions relevant for the industry and also becomes the center that brings technology, solutions, product, and knowledge-sharing all under one roof.”

He adds, “Not only several renowned exhibiting companies, but the event also attracts many “potential and quality visitors. It makes the demonstrations, visualizations, and experience of these latest trends and advancements in the measurement sector simpler and more accessible. These events are good for brand promotion and marketing too. We offer a wide range of products especially for the food industry for measurement during the entire cold chain, during storage or transport of foods and Food Preparation as well, which we will also display during the ANUTEC expo.”

Expressing his views about the company’s plans (the spokesperson), he says, “We have a lot in store for the F&B market that would create a difference in data monitoring, reliability, and operations. Our digital food safety system is a revolutionary solution for the upcoming hotel chains and kitchens that can automate their processes, digitize their checklists, reduce errors, and make operations smoother. We hope to promote our solutions to help users make their work easier.”

You can visit their Stall No. G 79 and meet Testo India to know more about their offerings at ANUTEC, taking place from 14 to 16 September at Bombay Exhibition Center (NESCO), Mumbai.

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