Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Winsson offers a complete range of filling, capping & induction sealing lines for rigid containers

Solutions for rigid packaging industries



Established in 2008, Winsson India was started by a group of technocrats from the packaging industry to design, develop and provide solutions to the packaging industry. The company's approach towards product development is aesthetic to engineering, making the final product worthy and safe when it reaches the final user.

Speaking about the company, Muhammed Zubair Quraishi, manager – business development, Winsson India, says, "Winsson India is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bottle packaging machinery and bottle validation equipment. We provide customized solutions for the packaging industry. We make a wide range of filling, capping, induction cap sealing, pre-fill & post seal bottle leak detectors, and carton weight checkers suitable for a package size of 100m bottle to bulk containers like drum and IBC."

Upgrading products as per the industry's need

A Research & Development team should dedicate its efforts to making things simple or breaking down complex problems to achieve optimized solutions. Continuous R&D is required to stay relevant, improve the product variety and always be one step ahead of competitors in any industry. Commenting on Winsson's efforts to do the same, Quraishi shares, "At Winsson India, we are continuously upgrading our products as per the industry's need. Our in-house R&D lab, equipped with high-tech machining facilities, supported by dedicated, experienced engineers, and high-end designing software platforms enable us to deliver highly innovative end products."

Consumer satisfaction

Owing to the recent trends in the food industry, there is a rise in demand for highly sophisticated, properly packed, and leak-proof packages for food and beverages. According to Quraishi, food and beverages are the necessities of people worldwide. He says, "The package should reach safely and leak-proof in the hands of the end-user. The F&B industry will move forward once it satisfies the customers."

At PackEx 2022

Events like PackEx India help companies grab eyeballs resulting in potential partnerships and attracting customers. Commenting on their participation in the trade show and expectations, he says, "It is an industry-related show, so we expect relevant visitors from the F&B industry. Winsson India will display its newly developed bottle packaging line with start to end validation system."

The company hopes to get meaningful face time with relevant and potential customers at PackEx India.

Sharing future plans and course of action, Quraishi adds, "Winsson India's vision is to become the most favorable, efficient, and fruitful contributor to the F&B industry to indirectly achieve our goal of satisfying and exceeding customer's expectations."

With its head office in Mumbai, Winsson has an international sales office in Dubai, UAE. You can meet them at Booth No H 90 and see the live demonstration of their equipment at PackEx at BEC, Mumbai, from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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