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“We aim to become South Asia’s leading coding and marking solutions provider," Control Print


Control Print is one of India's leading integrated proprietaries in coding and marking technology companies, providing cutting-edge products and solutions to customers across all industries.

Founded by Basant Kabra in 1991, Shiva Kabra is the second-generation entrepreneur of the company, who joined Control Print in 2005, bringing new ideas to the company, enabling it to grow, and taking it to new heights. Under his leadership, the company's market capitalization has exceeded up to 55 crores, and its annual turnover for the financial year 22 reached Rs 26 crore. 

Control Print manufactures non-contact and contact coding and marking machines based on continuous inkjet printing technology, drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology, and contact printers. These coding and marking machines are used in printing necessary statutory information, branding/ identification, regulatory information, anti-counterfeiting information, and engagement programs.

Various manufacturing industries require advanced traceability using batch codes, serial numbers, and barcodes to track products and manage inventory throughout the supply chain. Businesses need to track and trace their products/inventory all the time. This is exactly where cutting-edge German engineering from companies like Control Print is put to good use in this area. It is the only ‘Made in India’ manufacturer with more than 3 decades of operating experience in a sector dominated by MNCs.

The company has 2 state- of-art factories, located at Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh and Guwahati, Assam. The company offers a full range of in-house coding and marking solutions, including equipment, consumables and maintenance. They also offer customized, industry-specific integrated solutions to increase customer value.

R&D and innovation

Sharing about the company’s vision for R&D and innovation, Shiva Kabra, joint managing director, Control Print, said, “At Control Print, we focus on R&D and innovation to keep up with changing technology developments. As the market demand for better solutions continues to grow, we also strive to hire people who can bring new ideas and solutions to solve problems facing different industries with their coding and marking solutions.”

Kabra believes that R&D and innovation is an integral part of Control Print's mission. “Our investments create key technologies that help us develop new products, services, and business models. Control Print has been focusing on hiring individuals, who can offer new ideas and solutions to the team to address issues encountered by various sectors by using coding and marking solutions as the market need for better solutions continues to develop. To test items with actual consumers, we assure coordination between the organization’s internal functions and customers,” he adds.

Control Print at PackEx

Talking in-depth about the company’s participation at PackEx, Kabra explains how platforms like PackEx provide them with a great opportunity on the product innovation front. He says, “We get a chance to showcase our products and innovations to our customers and other stakeholders. It is also an excellent platform to network with our partner ecosystem and keep an eye on innovations, displayed or introduced by our competitors. As a much-anticipated trade show, PackEx will welcome visitors and participants from all over the country, allowing us to reach a bigger audience and helping us to increase the visibility and exposure of our goods and solutions.”

Kabra mentions how the event provided them with an excellent platform to reach thousands of people, talk about their products, and introduce themselves to other industry professionals. “PackEx was the ideal place to present our latest innovations, experience live demonstrations, exchange ideas, and most importantly, secure orders. It allowed us to connect with the most important figures of local and regional exhibitors, authorities, chambers of commerce, and development bodies, as well as corporate and professional visitors. Moreover, it provided us a chance for us to showcase our product innovation to consumers and other stakeholders, as well as an excellent chance for us to network with our partner ecosystem and keep an eye out for any innovations that our competitors may be introducing or displaying,” he further adds.

Road ahead

With a plan to reach revenue of Rs 350 Cr by 2024 through the new and advanced tech-driven products, Kabra shares the company’s vision for the coming years. He says, “Provided that we also have an extensive focus on marketing and R&D plans to reach customers at every mile possible, through our higher consumables sales, and increased the installed printer base. We aim to become South Asia’s leading coding and marking solutions provider.”