Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

SM Food Engineering delivers cost-friendly products encapsulated with trust

Manufacturer of food equipment, aiming to provide state-of-the-art solutions to the snack food industry


Founded in 2019, S M Food Engineering manufactures (SMFEPL) food processing machinery with a team of young and experienced enthusiastic engineers with 60 years of summed-up experience in the food and snacks engineering field. SMFEPL manufactures baked and fried extruded snacks system, seasoning and dynamic weighing system, distribution system, and wet dough extruders among others.

Talking about the company, Rahul Sharma, engineering manager, SM Food Engineering said, “We are India’s largest supplier for the frying and snack food market. Our products include potato chips frying line, kurkure line, moong daal frying line and other ancillary equipment which includes the dynamic systems and water conditioning systems. There are many more systems which we are going to develop.”

Identifying customer needs and R&D

Talking about SMFEPL’s stance on R&D, Sharma said, “R&D is the basic need of a company. Apart from which we have already delivered to the customer, 40% of the yearly supplies are from R&D. Our company is basically focused on R&D. So, we generally identify what the next thing or the upcoming needs of the customer are.” The company claims to provide dynamic and robust equipment designed to cater to its customers’ needs.

Impact of the pandemic on the food sector

Sharma believes that after the pandemic, the response of the food sector has exponentially increased. He adds, “The customers we found and many new customers or either the customers which are already associated with the company, are into the expansion phases. They are increasing their capacities and expanding their product portfolio after the pandemic. The response has been pretty good.”

At ANUTEC-International FoodTec India 2022

SM Food Engineering took part in ANUTEC, the most awaited trade show for the F&B industry in India. At the event, the company displayed its turnkey projects for its product portfolio which it covers. Talking about the company’s experience at ANUTEC, Sharma said, “The show was very good. We got a huge response from the customers. ANUTEC is a good show to participate in.”

Sharing a final message for their customers, Sharma said, “We offer turnkey solutions and hence customers do not need to source or procure the machines from any other vendors. We have the total integrated solutions for the process they are searching for.”

Based in Indore, SMFEPL claims to design and manufacture equipment through thorough calculations and iterating its experience for seasoning, conveying, frying, coating, and inspection.