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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

“PackEx for us is relevant footfalls and relevant projects” - Serac India

Manufacturer of smart packaging machines for dairy,oils,sauces in bottles,food in cups and much more


Serac was established in 1969 by Jean-Jacques Graffin, who developed the first linear filling machine for milk in plastic bottles at 600 bottles per hour. Today, the company is spread across the world, with centers in Russia, France, UAE, Japan, China, Spain, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and the USA.

The company manufactures filling and capping monoblock, and also does turnkey lines, and works with diversified verticals, food and non-food. Deepak Kamat, managing director, Serac India, said, “We are trying to give compact hygienic solutions to customers. We also work on providing machines that do not recontaminate their products, therefore we talk about shelf life as well.”

Dairy Products Filling Machines

Over the last 50 years, Serac has gained a unique and very high level of expertise in packaging machines for dairy products in bottles or cups. Some dairy products that are processed on Serac machines-

White milk, flavored milk, enriched milk, drinking yogurts, fermented milk, liquid cream, cheese, sour cream, spoonable yogurts, desserts cream, and fresh or cooked dairy desserts.

Kamat said about their bottle manufacturing machine, “The Combox H2F, is our compact machine wherein we blow, fill, and cap. These are ESL machines (Extended Shelf Life), ranging from 7,14 and 30 days. The shelf life also depends on the customer, the type of milk used, the process they follow, and the cold chain, which is very important.”

Impact of the pandemic

Kamat believes that post-pandemic, everyone is looking for hygienic equipment, wherein there is as less manual intervention as possible so that the equipment does not get recontaminated and Serac is working on it. He adds, “Our machines add value to your system. Our equipment is very hygienic and ensures that the main focus is on not recontaminating your product with all our technologies.”

Innovating to stay ahead

Talking about the innovations at Serac, Kamat said, “In aseptic solutions, the method used is either dry decontamination or wet decontamination. We have recently launched Bluestream, wherein the product is decontaminated using electronic beams. So, it is chemical-free decontamination wherein there are a lot of savings on the operating costs. The beauty of this module is that it is retrofittable on any other equipment. This is the latest generation at Serac.”

Serac’s new Bluestream Cap Sterilization Technology

Bluestream is Serac’c electronic beam cap decontamination for aseptic packaging with a treatment time of 0.5 to 1 second. Its key features include:

  • Easy to integrate on a new or existing aseptic packaging line
  • Highly effective packaging sterilization due to electron-beam technology
  • Economical- Operates with low energy
  • Simple- Uses electricity only,sterility of the caps is monitored live
  • Safe-No use of chemicals
  • Avoids distortions- The cap is sterilized at room temperature
  • Wide range of closure compatibility

Experience at PackEx India 2022

The Serac team exhibited at the most awaited trade show for the F&B industry, PackEx from 14 to 16 September. Kamat shares his experience at the trade show, saying, “I have always been impressed with PackEx, Especially the relevant footfalls. It was a success because we had relevant footfalls and people willing to discuss new projects. We can say now that the market has opened up. PackEx for us is relevant footfalls, and we discuss relevant projects. So, for us, it is a success.”