Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Shri Vibracion Technologies conducted live demonstrations of its conveyor, feeder models, and others at ANUTEC

Manufacturer of equipment that is high quality, maintenance-free, easy to install, and consumes low power


Established in the year 2017 in Pune, Maharashtra, Shri Vibracion Technologies is a manufacturer of electromagnetic vibrators and feeders, horizontal vibrating conveyors, and vibratory bowl feeders among others. The company’s products are known for their premium quality, seamless finish, and different patterns at affordable prices. It also ensures timely delivery of these products to its clients.

Talking about the company’s offerings, Mangesh Nakade, national sales head, Shri Vibracion Technologies, said, “Apart from the vibrators and the feeders we are also designing and developing machines as per the customer's requirements. In the span of five years, we have been able to cater to and support the requirements of multiple big brands in the food and processing industry.”

Providing cost-effective solutions

Nakade said that Vibracion has always been inculcating its resources for the new technologies which are ongoing in the industry. He further said, “We have been always looking up for the articles and the business standards for which the other brands or the other processing industries are actually looking for, as a solution. So we always try to give those solutions to the customers in a cost-effective and technologically advanced way.”

Understanding the product and providing flexibility

The company believes that its strength is that it understands products and is also flexible to design the machine as per the application requirement. With a small amendment in its equipment, it can make the product cost-effective and reliable if the customer wants to increase the existing capacity, hence it helps the customer to avoid any change in footprint.

At ANUTEC-International FoodTec India 2022

At the event, Vibracion exhibited its equipment, such as a distribution conveyor, spreader, de-oiling or de-watering shaker, and feeder models along with trays for vibrators.

Talking about the response from visitors, Nakade says, “We were visited by the exhibitors, who were very keen to see our machines as they are noiseless and sturdy with a big jump in quality. We also got a lot of reach from customers from the food processing industry such as snacks and many others. I can say that we got a good reach from customers on all the days.”

He further said that if a customer wants a study machine with the right technology and the right application for a particular process line, and at the same time a price benefit, they should choose Vibracion. “If a customer wants to invest less time in service, then you can definitely contact Shri Vibration Technologies. We will be ready to support your requirements and your process lines,” he concluded.

Shri Vibracion Technologies left a mark at ANUTEC and saw a good footfall with business meetings, live demonstrations, queries from visitors, and much more.