Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 07 - 09.09.2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Heat And Control showcased state-of-art packaging equipment along with latest inspection equipment at Anutec 2022

The only multinational company that manufactures equipment in India


Heat And Control is processes and product technologists committed to advancing food, pharmaceutical, and other industries with science and imagination. Whether you measure success by flavor, efficiencies, improvement, or innovation, count on them to deliver results. Advancing process technology with creativity, passion, and unmatched expertise on a global scale.

While talking about the company Manoj Paul, general manager - India & South Asia, Heat And Control, said, "We are based out of the US, and we have about 11 factories around the world. In India, we have two manufacturing facilities, one in Chennai and the other in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where we manufacture processing equipment. We can offer solutions for food processing industries like the snack food industry. In the food industry, our main products are potato chips, nachos, Indian namkeen and pellets, and other products. We also offer meat and fish processing solutions and other products like french fry lines."

With a mission and values to rise to challenges, advance processes, and help to bring the best products to the world using science, technology, and creative thinking, the company delivers its customers one of the best products.

He added, "We take time to listen carefully to fully understand our client's goals. Since 1950, we have been creating innovative solutions that have helped our clients to produce many of the best products on the market. We love digging deep, exploring possibilities, and then using our experience and expertise to distill our research and trials into the perfect solution".

R&D and innovations

When asked about the new developments, Manoj Paul says, "Heat and Control believe in investing in R&D. We have made many new solutions for our customers like samosa fryers. They have also supplied the world's first continuous lines. Heat and Control is known for innovation, and we have more than 150 patents worldwide."

Heat And Control's research and development teams help bring your idea to life. From creating new processes to refining equipment to fit your needs, they'll test the ideas and explore ways of maximizing the most promising ideas.

At Food Logistics India/ANUTEC

Paul informed, "This year at ANUTEC, our display consists of a couple of pieces of equipment: packaging equipment Multijet, with a bag maker and some inspection equipment like an X-ray machine and metal detector. We have displayed over four products for the meat industry and also a small fryer, which is about 100 kilos of capacity for mainly nuts and peanuts and cashew nuts, etc."

He then expressed, "This is happening after four years in Mumbai. We think we will be able to meet more customers and know about their plans because the market is currently slow. So, now that the customers are slowly looking at expansion and adding capacity, we would like to hear from them directly at issue."

Heat And Control is the global leader across the world. Paul informed, "We can supply equipment from India. We are probably the only multinational company that manufactures equipment in India. Everybody else is importing it here, but we are making it in India to support you with excellent service and support."

Across industries and applications, Heat and Control design specialized solutions. Their solutions set the standard for yield, efficiency, and safety across various industries. Whatever your product needs, they can meet it with precision and passion!