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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

AERZEN, world-leading application specialists in conveying and compression of gases with energy-efficient at ANUTEC

Creating improvement in market understanding and product development


Aerzen is one of three worldwide leading application specialists in conveying and compression of gases with energy-efficient and resource-saving products and production processes. It is an international manufacturer of positive displacement blowers, hybrid blowers, screw compressors, and turbo blowers. High-quality machines are used for air and gas applications, for example, in wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, and process gas conveying.

Aerzen is a synonym for highest quality demands. The customer reflects in the outstanding reliability of our products, services, and processes.

Sameeuddin Mohammed, regional senior manager- west & south marketing & sales, Aerzen, stated, "Quality is measurable. It shows in the excellence of products, services, and application solutions supplied by Aerzen. Quality does not only mean supplying the product or the solution that is expected by the customer and granted to him by signing the contract. Also features like on-time delivery and total reliability are part of our quality demands. These parameters can only be guaranteed when we all do our best every day. The extensive quality awareness within the Aerzen Group will even be optimized by a quality campaign integrating the entire staff. This will make our products and application solutions future-proof."

R&D and innovations

A culture of innovation deeply anchored in all levels secures the competitiveness of our company also in the future. The Aerzen innovation management gives its permanent support. Internal behavior, values, and understandings will be aligned to produce fertile soil for innovations. Product development innovation means a consequent market survey, detection of requirements and trends, and resulting product decisions.

Products with considerable innovative potential will be developed and presented to the market in the short term.


Post surviving covid for two years, now the company is looking forward to more momentum in the market, especially in the growing segment, to maintain the CAGR of the company and recover big time.

He mentioned, "We have been able to contact the industry's key stakeholders. We are doing great with them, identifying the application for our product. We have received the right applications. The new applications will take time to go through with our products, but we look forward to working with them."

While talking about the event, Mohammed stated, "We are very excited to be at ANUTEC 2022 as this event is taking place post covid and we are getting a wonderful platform like this to showcase our products and meet our friends and colleagues from the industry."

Customer orientation without compromises in all company sections is one of our basic factors of success. Orientation towards customers and product development must be adapted to geographical market requirements and application areas. This means to know the customers very well they have to understand how they work, identify their requirements and find out what they expect of an application specialist. Using job rotation and training of our employees in different departments and locations as well as intensive customer visits and specified seminars, they learn and understand our customers' expectations worldwide. This will result in a commitment to their customers that, in return, improve market understanding and product development.

The road ahead

Mohammed quoted, "The management secures the operational realization of Vision 2022 based on Aerzen's management guidelines. The best strategy is useless unless it is filled with life by operative measures. This lies in the responsibility of the management that implements in small steps the strategy necessary to achieve the aims defined in Vision 2022. Observance of our guidelines, permanent dialogue with our employees and superiors, and positive feedback culture will be required and encouraged with the highest priority".

On the close, he addressed his clients and said, "We look forward to serving them quality products and performance and the quality and efficiency in our products and machines and we ensure that we deliver the best."