Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 7-9 September 2023 | #anutecindia

ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

ANUTEC-International FoodTec India concludes with resounding applause!


The 16th edition of ANUTEC – International FoodTec India and its co-located shows PackEx India, Food Logistics India, and ANUTEC - Ingredients India successfully concluded on 16 September 2022.

The end of one chapter is just the beginning of another. Reaching its conclusion today, ANUTEC-International FoodTec India took place from 14 to 16 September at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. Its impact was felt in the form of enriched minds, knowledge-spreading, live equipment demonstrations, and guided factory tours on hot topics like food safety, hygienic designs, and future advancement of the industry. It also facilitated business and networking sessions and provided a platform for seasoned and budding businesses to exhibit their offerings to the world- consolidated under one roof.

The three-day event laid out a golden opportunity for students, industry professionals, future professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and regular visitors to get a sneak peek into the world of food technology and the machinery behind the foods we eat. While some wide-eyed visitors explored the equipment on display, others discussed the possible impacts of technology on food and how it can be further improved for food safety. Exhibitors enthusiastically described their offerings to them and mingled with potential customers. Meaningful connections were made with the hope for future partnerships as well. Visitors attending the event to make purchasing decisions got a wide variety of options to choose from in a single category of products. Some were spoilt for choice!

The third day of Packaging theatre by Innova Market Insights witnessed visitors eager to understand the latest global trends in food packaging. A wide array of innovative packaging solutions from across the globe were displayed to give visitors an idea of the latest developments in the packaging industry.

The Guided Factory Tour initiative by ANUTEC also received good footfall on its final day and exposed the visitors to various industrial equipment by showing live demonstrations. These included three head powder filling machines, continuous wet dough pumping and extrusion systems, Elea PFE advantage B1, and Sobatech mixer and Powtran-powder transfer systems.

ANUTEC-International FoodTec India left the exhibitors and visitors waiting for more such trade shows in the future. It helped exhibitors grab customers, make meaningful connections and showcase their technology for better reach and business. The visitors got insights into making apt purchasing decisions by having a first-hand look at the equipment and services offered by the companies. Koelnmesse indeed facilitated a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Preeti Salvi, assistant manager-marketing, Rovema (Hassia) - "Coming to ANUTEC has allowed us to connect with our existing customers, potential customers, and business partners along with international delegates. Our intention of coming to ANUTEC was to launch our new brand, 'Rovema India' along with a modified technology called VPK 260 high-speed rotary machine, and we are delighted that we did. Not only did we get numerous queries for our VPK 260 high-speed rotary machine but got to establish our brand amongst renowned technicians."

Vaishali Patel, director, Catalis Packaging Technologies - "The show has been a good platform to showcase our new development in the snacks packing machine- the introduction of our Altima series machine delivering 150 pouches per minute. It has been appreciated by the stalwarts of the snack food industry."

Manoj Paul, general manager-India & South Asia, Heat and Control - "Heat control is one of the leading manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery worldwide and being in the industry for over 25 years we have two manufacturing facilities in India, one in Chennai and one in Indore. We've associated with ANUTEC since the beginning and participated in every show. Each year our presence has gotten bigger and bigger. This year is probably one of the largest presences, and the show has been good. And it's a good opportunity for us to meet our existing customers. And we also get an opportunity to meet new customers and discuss their plans for the future. So, it's a great opportunity to be in the show."

Vikas Bhatia, managing director, RIECO Industries - "Talking about ANUTEC, this is a platform where we get to showcase our technologies and meet potential new customers. We also get to network with some potential partners. It's a significant networking event. Post-pandemic, these are the exhibitions that are again coming around and I think they add a lot of value to companies that want to reach out to customers."

Samarpal Jawla, director, Jawla Advance Technology - "Being a regular exhibitor for over five years now, we are very pleased by the clientele offered by the exhibition. Coming here is a great opportunity to connect and watch how the competition works. All and all, a big thump up to the organizing team for making such smooth arrangements."

Shakeer Basha, product head, Pactech Machinery - "In our experience, we admire the most that ANUTEC only delivers quality, as we'd had many genuine buyers approaching us."

Ketan Majumdar, senior sales manager, Neologic Engineers - "The experience has been good. The footfall seems to have increased drastically since previous years and we are very pleased about that."

Evita Rosdahl, chief executive officer, Jeros – represented by Fabcon - "In our experience, this is a very high-level exhibition with buyers and visitors coming from around the globe, who are keen on learning about new technologies."

Abhijit Potdar, manager, Iwis antriebssysteme - "First days are usually slow, and the rain was an add on to it, but despite all these factors, we still experienced a rush of new potential inquiries coming through at our stall, and we are seeing very positive impact after two years. People are going out because they want to see new opportunities, learn about what's in the market, and what are the latest innovations. We are very happy to be part of this year's PackEx India.

Sarada Bandyopadhyay, senior executive marketing, Vedic-Pac Systems - "We have been participating in ANUTEC for over a decade now and are glad to be here again. We have received a great response from all the visitors coming to our stall. The footfall is relevant. Overall, we'll say a great work by Koelnmesse."

Mohan Kshirsagar, marketing head, MLT Pack Services - "The show is very nice as far as genuine buyers are concerned. We've had many visitors. So, I would say this is a very good show for the manufacturers' traders, suppliers, and visitors. We are looking forward to being a part of the next edition.

Manan A.Rathi, director, Rathi Engineering Solutions - "ANUTEC is the best exhibition in India for technology. Participating for the second time, we'd like to add that it has been an amazing experience. This year feels greater than the previous one, as we were able to interact with more international clients, a lot of good competition to look around with many collaborative efforts."

Avijit Majumdar, chief executive officer, Siddhivinayak Agri Processing - "We are glad to see more and more exposure to our Indian business communities. Although I couldn't make the time to visit each stall myself given the consistent approach by genuine buyers, I could glance and find some renowned names in the industry from technologists to technologies available here."

Govind Bhardwaj, director of sales and marketing, Midori Solutions - "It was a pleasure to meet all peers and customers during the expo and understand the food safety/Inspection trends. At Midori Solutions, we have a full basket of food Inspection Systems. We can help our customers achieve the highest possible food safety standards according to the latest FDA and HACCP guidelines. Finally, I would like to thank ANUTEC Team for such a wonderful show and our customers for visiting our stall. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon."

The exhibition witnessed overwhelming exhibitor participation from national and international companies. Over the years, ANUTEC- International FoodTec India has grown many folds and has become the networking place for stakeholders to exchange ideas for the food and beverage industry. It has become a platform for the global leaders in F&B processing technology suppliers to use as a launchpad.