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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022- DAY 2 highlights

Plan your visit to the exhibition on its last day to make the most of the opportunity to learn, network, and do business-all under one roof


The success of the first day of ANUTEC- International FoodTec India continued to multiply manifolds on the second day of the widely appreciated and awaited trade show. It saw a gathering of the who's who of the food and drink processing industry to witness the latest technologies and exchange ideas to help drive the food and drink Industry.

The 16th edition of India's biggest and most sought-after trade fair for the food and drink processing suppliers industry- ANUTEC International FoodTec India, along with its concurrent trade fairs ANUTEC Ingredients India, PackEx India and Food Logistics India has been organized from 14 to 16 September in Mumbai.

Day 2 of the trade show witnessed a high footfall of visitors. The day was full of energy and excitement, with content exhibitors, curious visitors, knowledge-sharing sessions, live demonstrations of equipment, and rigorous panel discussions.

Highlights of the Day 2

  • Conference By AIFPA National Seminar-- Sustainability of Food Industry Challenges & Solutions
  • Star Awards & Conference by IFCA- Packaging at CrossroadsConference by Innova Market Insights- Plant-based: A Canvas for Innovation
  • Guided factory tour
  • Packaging theatre by Innova Market Insights
  • Live demonstrations
  • Business networking

Conference By AIFPA National Seminar-- Sustainability of Food Industry Challenges & Solutions

Organized by the All India Food Processors' Association (AIFPA), the enriching conference started with the lighting of the lamp by the Union Minister of State, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, and Union Minister of State, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel followed by a welcome address by Dr. Prabodh Halde, West zone chairman-AIFPA & head-technical regulatory affairs-Marico.

In the opening remark, Dr. Raghav Jadli, president-AIFPA & director Jadli Foods India, thanked all the dignitaries for taking time out from their busy schedules to attend the event. Dr. Subodh Jindal, immediate past president of AIFPA & MD-Excelsior Food & Chemical Industries brought to light some problems faced by the food industry and MSME sector. He said, "Even though we have the right ingredients, comprising 135 rich agro-climatic zones, a strong technical manpower pool, perhaps the best in the world, and as a leading producer of most agricultural commodities, we are very enviably positioned in this sector. But we can still not do justice to our crops or attain our new place in the global trade." 

Honorable MoS, Shri. Prahlad Singh Patel said, "If our farmers are provided with a way to process food at the first point after harvest, the issue of them not getting the right value for their products can be solved as it will reduce food waste." He added, "The year 2023 has been declared as the "Year of a Millets" by our honorable prime minister and India occupies a 40% share in millet production in the world. Our food processing Industry is growing at a good rate, but we still have some challenges that we need to focus on, including machinery."

The next session was a lead talk by Dipak Sanghavi, managing director-Nilon's Enterprises. Sharing his ideas on sustainability, he said, "Sustainability is a conscious choice. It typically stands on four pillars- humans, environment, economic and social. These seem contradictory in the short term but have the same impact in the long term. Thus, we need to think long-term to bring sustainability to the food industry."

This was followed by a lively panel discussion on "Ease of doing business", which was aptly coordinated by Dr.Prabodh Halde with Dr. Sudhanshu- secretary, APEDA, as the chair. The session included valuable insights from Dr. Jitendra P Dongare-Dy. Agricultural Marketing Advisor (SAG), ministry of food processing industries, GOI, Shri. Amit Dhanuka-former president, AIFPA & CEO- Kejriwal Bee Care India, Shri. Sunil Kumar Marwah- CEO-Sector Skill Council for Food Processing Industries (FICSI), Shri. Dipak Sanghavi- MD&CEO-Nilon's Enterprises and Shri. Suraj Savaliya-former vice president-AIFPA&CMD-Patson Group of Companies. Key remarks made at the session included:

"We're developing and framing a lot of policies to make the food industry sustainable," Dr Jitendra P Dongare.

"I think we need to make our food standards for the domestic market equally strong and more than that, meeting the standards from the implementation and the infrastructure has to be equally good. There has to be a level playing field," Amit Dhanuka.

"First level of processing making supply chain involves the farmer and their families is what my thinking is for ease of doing business and it will help the industry and unemployment," Sunil Kumar Marwah.

A technical session was held next which highlighted topics like "Food business sustenance through certification" by Chinmayee Deulgaonkar, MD-FoodChain ID, Extended Producer Responsibility" by M.A Tejani, former president, AIFPA & managing director, Gits Food Products, "Analytical Requirements for Business Continuity" by Rahul Deshpande, chief executive officer, Envirocare Labs, followed by "Consumer Quality for Business Growth" by Shailesh Ghodekar. 

Conference by IFCA- Packaging at Crossroads

The event started with the lighting of the lamp and a welcome address by Chandrasekhar Rajagopalan, president – IFCA. It was followed by a keynote speech by Suresh Gupta, chairman of IFCA; during his speech, he said, "If the commitment is there, waste management can be a huge opportunity." 

Seshadari Raghvan, VP Sales, Henkel, in his very perspective speech, said, "So, how can we move towards creating value? We ought to believe that this was the question of the market. I think those of us who have followed the leaders of the Industry, people want to move towards more sustainable products. That's what we often call solutions."

Prashant Sarkar, general manager, Huber, said, "Businesses are changing according to the current need of the customers and the environment and it's high time that packaging and other manufacturing aspects catch up to it." The final speaker of the day was Dr. Shilpa from Fuji Films, she showed two insightful videos explaining the reason and motive to change the packaging style and system. "Changing how we package our products is essential for the environment and our growth."    

IFCA Star Awards 2022

IFCA Star Awards provides a platform for encouraging creativity and continuous improvement. This is a prestigious award for the Flexible Packaging Industry, Carton Packaging Industry, and associate manufacturers like inks, adhesives, films, machinery, etc. The manufacturers from these sectors participate widely and showcase their innovations in this competitive event organized by IFCA.

The conference was followed by the IFCA Star Awards Ceremony to encourage the needed creativity and continuous improvement in the packaging industry. Various members from the food packaging industries were felicitated with awards for their innovations across multiple packaging categories.

Conference by Innova Market Insights- Plant-based: A Canvas for Innovation

Through an insightful session, Padmaja P.B, a research analyst, made the audience aware of how a sustainable future points toward plant-based substitutes, which is the canvas for innovation. She said, "When we look at India, and when we asked the consumers what are they looking at when they are purchasing plant-based substitute products, 55% of the consumers said that they consume plant-based products if the nutritional content is the same as the animal-based products, while over 60% of the consumers are ready to pay more for plant-based alternatives."

Talking about the latest developments in the field, she said that BVeg, in collaboration with Buhler, has developed high moisture extrusion technology to retain the juiciness in plant-based meat substitutes and protein aeration technology. She concluded the session by emphasizing the need for health forward messaging, new technologies for better quality, and returning to the roots for familiarity.

Guided factory tour

The second day of the guided factory tour gave visitors a chance to witness the working of industrial equipment such as high-speed chips packaging machine, a multi-purpose heating system based on biomass to reduce dependence on hydrocarbon fuels and fuel cost, a fully automatic multilane sachet form fill and seal machine for packing powders, granules and liquids and much more. The demonstrations were attended by enthusiastic visitors who left satisfied with the knowledge gained in the unique initiative taken by ANUTEC.

Packaging theatre by Innova Market Insights

The second day of this initiative provided visitors an insight into the global packaging trends, which manufacturers can utilize to pack their products more efficiently and provide consumer protection and convenience. On display were a wide range of innovative packaging solutions from across the globe, highlighting the packaging trends in vogue currently, such as eye-catching designs, firing up functionality, captivating closures, and dispensing with plastic, among others. The booth got a good response from visitors eager to learn more about the packaging industry.

India should make Atmanirbhar Bharat a resolution and not just a slogan: Shri Prahlad Singh Patel

While talking about the food processing industry, Prahlad Singh Patel, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries of India, said, "We must make India self-sufficient by developing machinery to produce bulk food products. We can produce varieties of foods, but for technologies and bulk processing machinery, we are still dependent on others. So, if we start manufacturing machines, it will be as per our requirements and cost-effective too. Further, our ideas might be loved by the world and can turn out to be their need too. Therefore, we must make India Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) in food production and machine manufacturing."

He also mentioned that still 15% of fresh produce gets wasted. Minister added, "By maximizing processing, we will reduce overall food damage caused at the national level. Secondly, we will also capture good market space by processing quality food products such as ready-to-eat products, organic food, etc. Events like Annapoorna and ANUTEC play a major role in this."

He then motivated everyone by saying, "We already are self-reliant in producing food like milk and mangoes and are amongst one of the leading nations in the world to produce such things. In addition, we are receiving foreign investments as well; hence we have the opportunity to grow our export. Therefore, we all need to understand the true essence of being self-reliant (Atmanirbhar) in every possible aspect. We should make Atmanirbhar Bharat a resolution and not just a slogan to showcase our ideas and talent to the world."

When India speaks of becoming self-reliant, it doesn't advocate a self-centered system. In India's self-reliance, there is a concern for the whole world's happiness, cooperation and peace. It is an umbrella concept for the government's plans for India to play a more significant role in the world economy and become more efficient, competitive, and resilient. The food processing sector is already leading in the fresh produce space, and India can also bring a revolution in the manufacturing market.

Nilesh Vedak, managing director, Syntegon Technology India, said, "It was a great experience to meet so many existing and new customers and business associates at PackEx India 2022. It was a great opportunity to showcase our brand, machines and technology at this event."

Rahul Mirchandani, managing director, Dynamech Seasonings, said, "Talking about Anutec, I suppose I fall short on words as this is one of the classiest exhibitions, it has good footfall, interactive audience and most importantly the right crowd for our brand."

Deepak Kamat, managing director-India, Serac, said, "Happy to see relevant footfall from all over the country visiting and showing interest in our stalls. ANUTEC has made sure to excel to our expectations. Serac has launched a new de-contamination module for bottles and caps that do not use chemicals. It is retrofittable on any machine. This will be the aseptic industry's future for beverages and dairy."

Gurinder Singh, managing director, FPT, said, "We are delighted to be in the exhibition. We met some serious interests and inquiries and look forward to more such visits."

Shrikrishna Ozarkar, business head, Neologic, said, "ANUTEC truly has outdone itself. The exhibition right from the start has been very interesting and enthusiastic. We've been getting many serious, genuine enquires. A lot of good buyers and potential customers are coming."

Sanjiv Saranaik, managing director, Parsanna Packaging Machinery, said, "This exhibition is about serious customers, which makes coming here fruitful. Overall, a very positive impact."

Hitesh Tripathi, founder and chief executive officer, Tech4serve food business consultants LLP, said, "This exhibition is a complete 360 platform for the food industry. It brings the technology, ingredients, consultants like us, machine manufacturers, packaging material and packaging technology and the end product. So much knowledge-sharing and networking in such a warm environment. A must-visit for anyone belonging to the food industry."

Make sure to attend the last day of the trade show and grab the opportunity to network, gain potential customers, meet industry stalwarts and even witness live demonstrations of industry equipment.

Plan your visit for tomorrow and grab the opportunity to meet the potential customers, key stakeholders, and decision-makers at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, to take your food and beverage manufacturing business more successful.

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