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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Witness Veripack Solutions' wide range of MAP machinery at PackEx

Offering a wide gamut of pack formats from rigid and flexible to blister, multi-pack, and much more


Veripack solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian packaging ILPRA SPA Group, a 60+ years group with high expertise in packaging machinery solutions of Tray Sealers, Thermoforming & Form-Fill-Seal, having 10 global offices with footprints in 130+ countries. These machines are widely used globally to make vacuum-modified atmosphere skin-only sealing ensuring the highest product shelf life.

Today the group has packing machinery solutions to ensure the widest gamut of pack formats like - rigid, flexible, blister - single serve, unit, multi-pack, and more. For the modified atmosphere packaging solutions, the group claims to have the world’s largest range.

Innovative custom-designed technologies

According to the Group’s spokesperson, continuous investments in R&D and innovations are the best way to ensure a constant focus on customers. He says, “Thanks to innovative custom-designed technologies, we are able to meet every demand, regardless of the industry. Innovations like ProGas Technology ensure high process optimization & hence economics in the fastest growing modified atmosphere packaging format.” He added that Industry 4.0, IoT,(Internet of Things), and smart manufacturing compliance ensures fast turnaround times for new developments & innovations.

The role of packaging in food safety

Globally and in India, the demand for a safe food supply chain has now become very critical and packaging plays a very key role to ensure food safety. The Group’s spokesperson comments, “The new formats of modified atmosphere ensure the best for the food manufacturers to have, not only a wider reach but also ensure the highest food safety. The industry is definitely moving forward and understanding customer needs around such disruptions is the key.”

At PackEx 2022

The 16th PackEx India - International Exhibition on Packaging Material and Technology brings together the best in packaging material and machinery, thus making it the most attractive platform for packaging development professionals and decision makers from across the industry sectors in the Indian sub-continent. The Veripack team is participating in the event to explore the myriad of opportunities offered by it.

Talking about how such events help them achieve their business goals, the Group’s spokesperson says, “PackEx is one of India’s oldest & most popular shows and hence helps to interact with our valued & future customers to understand their needs. Such participation not only helps us to achieve our business goals but also helps us to understand customers’ latent needs which becomes the fodder for our R&D & innovation activities.”

Veripack claims to have the world’s largest range of MAP-modified atmosphere packaging machinery solutions and the company is displaying some of its machines for such niche MAP formats. Furthermore, the Product Specialist for FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) are also there at the event which provides a good opportunity for the visitors to interact and understand the special niche technology. The team is working on building the next-generation FFS machine and visitors will get some insights into that as well.

Speaking about their expectations from the show, the Group’s spokesperson says, “We expect to meet our current and future prospects, understand new projects, new packaging trends, and network with the industry professionals.” He added that the company also wishes to utilize the opportunity to understand the market for its newest acquisition and member MACS SRL, a company with proven solutions for flexible packing machinery, namely stand-up Doypack formats, wrapping solutions, and VFFS small format sachet, among others.

Looking ahead

Regarding Veripack’s plans for the future, the Group’s spokesperson says, “We would like to become a single point of contact for complete packaging machinery lines ensuring best value for our valued customers by understanding their current packaging needs, latent needs & aspirations.” He believes that India is an important market for them and is the fulcrum for near-fast-growing markets in regions like the Middle East and Asia.

Learn more about the innovative solutions offered by Veripack Solutions and grab some valuable face time with the team at Booth No. C 63 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.