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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Meet Hong’s Belt, smart conveyor systems solutions at PackEx

Visit Booth No. A 30 to have a look at Hong's Belt’s innovative products at PackEx from 14 to 16 September at BEC, Mumbai


Meet Hong’s Belt, smart conveyor systems solutions at PackEx

Unique designs in belts, industry-specific products, and much more

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Hong’s Belt mainly produces modular plastic belts, conveyor belts, stainless steel mesh belts, sorting and spiral systems, and other UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) plastic components. It supplies to companies involved in food production, express logistics, tire, corrugated cardboard, automotive, and heavy-duty industries among others.

Hong’s Belt offers services to over 10,000 world-renowned clients with its manufacturing setup presence in China, Korea, and European countries.

Talking about the infrastructure, F.G.Prem Chandher, sales head, Hong’s Belt, says, “We are equipped with the best infrastructure and have 50000 square meters of processing workshop and 150 sets of injection molding machines. We use all our petrochemical products from the globally leading suppliers from Japan.” He added that Hong’s believes in its partners and sincerely hopes to carry out close cooperation in the early stage of design and develop products with them.

Keen on using quality raw materials, Hong’s Belt’s products are approved by SGS Food Grade certification and ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Innovating continuously to achieve better value

Hong's Belt insists on continuous innovation to achieve better value for customers. Commenting on the company’s efforts in this regard, Chandher says, “We continue to increase professional staff and put more than 10% of our annual sales revenue on researching and developing new products each year.”

At PackEx 2022

Hong's Belt is enthusiastic about participating in PackEx, the most valuable platform for packaging materials and machinery suppliers, and packaging users. Chandher says, “We surely think it will help us update ourselves on the market needs. We expect to meet processing industrialists and packaging, warehouse handling segments, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).”

At the event, Hong's Belt is exhibiting the following products:

  • Modular flat top curve conveyor (stable operation during conveying)
  • Modular belts used in packaging (curved conveyor belt, knife edge conveying line, shrink tunnel and more)
  • Modular belts used in the beverage industry (for single and multi-lane and stable conveying)
  • Conveying solutions for the wood industry (for smooth conveying)
  • Special flush grid modular belt for fruit and vegetable cleaning industry (food grade, long life and easy to maintain)
  • Conveyor belts for the meat processing industry (FDA certified, easy to clean, install and maintain)
  • Cooling spiral conveyor for the bakery industry (with hydrophobic qualities, preventing moisture from adhering to the belt surface)

Hong's Belt provides its customers with competitive, quality products, solutions, and services. “We continue to cooperate openly with our ecological partners. Our mission is to create value for all our customers in India,” says Chandher.

The 16th edition of India's specialized trade fair for the packaging industry catering to and focused on the food and drinks packaging – PackEx India along with its concurrent trade fairs ANUTEC – International FoodTec India (AIFTI), ANUTEC Ingredients India and Food Logistics India in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

Head over to Booth No. A 30 to have a look at Hong's Belt’s innovative products at PackEx.

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