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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Omori India displays its new high-speed cold seal laminate machine and pile pack machine at PackEx

Executing machines that involve less plastic and more comfort

Omori India, a group company of Omori Machinery Japan, is a leader in Flow Wrap Technology specializing in handling and wrapping biscuits & cookies, bakery products, chocolates & cereal bars, and instant noodles among high-volume food categories, as well as non-food segment products like soap and detergent bars, mosquito repellant coils, and sanitary products among other high volume consumer product categories. Omori is a company that manufactures and sells various automatic packaging machines and designs along with manufacturing packaging system lines.

While talking about the company Dhiren Patel, chief operating officer, Omori India said, “We take care of everything from engineering to development of the machines and complete production lines and from commissioning to service and maintenance. Omori India is a reliable packaging partner and one-stop service provider for all packaging needs!”

He added, “We do not sell machines, but we are specialists in engineering, developing, and building complete packaging lines for customers in India, SEA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, & Africa. We do this for producers of food & non-food products and pharmaceutical applications. In addition, we take care of commissioning and maintenance, and in case of emergencies, we have our service team that is available 24/7. We are a total supplier of turnkey packaging solutions. It is our priority to ensure that your packaging lines perform to the maximum with the highest efficiency!”

R&D and innovation

Omori India is known for its innovative strength in packaging solutions and they are the market leader in the bakery industry. Their customers are in various industries such as food, non-food and pharmaceutical. Within these markets, the demand is very diverse therefore the company listens carefully to every customer and works alongside them.

Dhiren Patel mentioned, “Understanding the importance of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, we are looking for better ways to package fresh products. We have close cooperation with our customers to develop packaging solutions that meet their unique requirements and are in line with their sustainability strategy is paramount. Also, we work on film reduction with an Omori machine than a normal flow pack packaging which means less plastic and more comfort. We have developed paper-based laminate for an eco-friendly environment as well.”

F&B trends and disruptions

Talking about the F&B industry in consideration of the recent disruptions and trends Dhiren Patel said, “Food and beverage have witnessed a healthy growth over the past couple of years, and with this trend, there have been some significant shake-ups”.

At PackEx 2022

Dhiren Patel then informed, “At ANUTEC we are displaying our two machines which are: New High-speed cold seal laminate machine (to pack confectionery product @ 120meter/min speed) and a Pile pack machine (with auto feeding and paper-based laminate).” He added, “Events like ANUTEC help companies like us to achieve business goals by getting quality customer visits, more export customer visits, and a list of visitors at end of the show who have entered the hall”.

Dhiren Patel also mentioned, “We expect to see a good number of customers from the industry and a better environment during the show to ease out for more visitors to visit”.

The road ahead

When asked about the vision and future plans of Omori India, Dhiren Patel stated, “The development of team Omori towards being a global leader in our field, contributing to the well-being of colleagues and communities - locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide. Our objectives include a further expansion of Omori Japan’s globalization strategy to become the global market leader in flow packers and as an Indian division, we have expanded our range of packaging machines over the years and developed Japanese design machines in India to lower the ROI for customers”.

He added, “We provide our customers with innovative full-service packaging solutions for their specific applications, such as food & Non-food, pharmaceuticals, commercial, etc. We are part of the global Omori operation with offices and customers around the world and the pursuit of total user satisfaction, through the creation of innovative products and packaging systems.”

Meet the Omori team and explore their range of products at Booth No. F 59 from 14 to 16 September 2022 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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