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ANUTEC – International FoodTec India 2022

Jaivik Foods - Leading the way for innovation in food processing technology

Customized solutions for food processing – grinding, cleaning, mixing, and blending with state-of-the-art mills


Jaivik Foods offers customized turnkey solutions for food and spices, pharma, and chemical process industries with innovative solutions involving applications like cleaning, sorting, sterilization, pasteurization, drying, grinding, and blending with state-of-the-art technology.

Speaking about the company and its solutions, Jitendra Kumar Sharma, founder and chief executive officer of Jaivik Foods, says, "Every interaction with Jaivik is a step towards a futuristic goal. Our focused approach, innovative and value-driven solutions, and the quality team of experts deliver engineering excellence in the processing industry."

Jaivik offers a wide product portfolio that includes technology-driven solutions for processes like cleaning & sorting, sterilization, grinding, oil extraction, dust extraction, blending and mixing, drying, etc.

Innovative solutions for value addition

According to Sharma, R&D is an integral part of their business as it builds the foundation for their continuous growth and recognition in the field. He says, "Our study on food products and production processes helps us to give the best and innovative solutions for value addition to food and beverage industry customers at an optimized cost. We envisage at various levels to bring new ground-breaking results for our esteemed clients."

He further adds, "Our in-house design engineers continuously work to enhance the efficiency of our manufactured size reduction equipment. Their study, experience, and vigorous trials on every aspect of food processing have resulted in our solutions saving cost and energy for all clients."

Disruptions & their impact on the F&B industry

When crises like war and pandemic impact the F&B industry, food businesses must take robust measures to overcome obstacles and provide uninterrupted customer services. Commenting on this, he says, "The Ukraine and Russia situation has resulted in costs of Natural Gas and Crude oil rising. Therefore, despite enhanced production in India, costs of many spices, herbs, foods, and vegetables are showing an upward trend as they are deeply affected by weather, yield, COVID and natural gas prices. Ocean freight shipping bottlenecks can also be observed and are expected to continue by the end of 2022. Utility costs of production are also showing an inflationary pricing trend, moving forward."

Jaivik Foods at ANUTEC India 2022

Speaking about their upcoming participation at ANUTEC, India's most prominent international fair for food and drink technology taking place from 14 to 16 September 2022, Sharma informs, "Jaivik will be showcasing the various grinding, milling, blending and mixing solutions designed in-house to give customers improved compact mill designs which shall enhance their plant capability and capacity of production immensely. We will introduce our customers to a technology highlighting low-cost CO2-based cryogenic grinding solutions using near subzero temperatures for spices and herbs."

The trade show platforms like ANUTEC help companies get face time with existing and potential customers. Sharing his views on how their participation in ANUTEC will help them achieve their business goals, he explains, "The trade opportunity provided by ANUTEC helps customers meet their desired requirements and vendors to improve their market reach and segment penetration in each zone of India. It also helps us understand the market sentiment and the hurdles new and old established entrepreneurs face in this industry."

Jaivik Foods is very optimistic about its participation in ANUTEC India 2022, "We expect a humongous footprint with regards to customers this year. We look forward to meeting new customers and enlightening them with our company strengths and insight into our strong technology-based solutions for the spice industry specifically."

Delivering excellence

Sharma shares, "Our technology solutions are futuristic, easy to implement and operate. Our innovative and value-driven solutions and a team of seasoned experts shall strive toward delivering engineering excellence in the food industry. Jaivik is also planning to venture into value-added processed spices trading to contribute to a more organic and healthy future for the nation and the world."

Backed by a young, hardworking and energetic team, Jaivik Foods is truly the fuel needed to propel the food industry rocket forward. Meet Jaivik Foods' team of experts at Booth No I 96 to learn more about its products and offerings at ANUTEC India 2022 from 14 to 16 September 2022 at BEC, Mumbai.

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